James Abbott McNeill Whistler, 1900 - Majka bisera i srebra: Andaluzijac - likovni tisak

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Original information about the artwork from National Gallery of Art (© Copyright - National Gallery of Art - Nacionalna galerija umjetnina)

Ethel Philip, Whistler's sister-in-law and a favorite subject of the artist, whose likeness appears in drawings, etchings, lithographs, and at least five full-size oil paintings, stands against an empty, shallow background with her back to the viewer. She wears a grey silk gown topped with a bolero jacket of transparent silk gauze or fine net—a design inspired by traditional costumes from Spain's Andalusian region. Ethel's head and shoulders are turned slightly to the right to reveal her profile. This graceful pose emphasizes her costume's long, sweeping cascade to the floor, drawing the viewer's attention not to the model's features but to her dramatic attire. One art historian concluded that "it is not a portrait of a person, but of a dress," transforming Ethel Philip into a fashion model or mannequin rather than the subject of a formal, full-length portrait.

The work's title may also have sartorial origins—the result of Whistler's extended stay in Paris, a city renowned for its luxury fashion houses and couturiers. At that time, couture dresses were often given individual names to emphasize their uniqueness. It is possible that Whistler's title refers not to a Spanish woman, but to the model of the dress worn by Ethel.

Whistler had demonstrated a strong interest in women's fashion and its role in his portraiture long before he painted The Andalusian. In the 1870s, apparently dissatisfied with British fashions at the time, the artist himself designed the elaborate dresses worn by the female subjects of Harmony in Grey and Green: Miss Cicely Alexander (Tate Gallery, London) and Symphony in Flesh Color and Pink: Portrait of Mrs. Frances Leyland (Frick Collection).

More information on this painting may be found in the NGA publication American Paintings of the Nineteenth Century, Part II, available as a free PDF. Find under Research > Publications > Systematic Catalogues.

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Ovo je gotovo 120 staro remek-djelo pod naslovom Mother of Pearl and Silver: The Andalusian je naslikao umjetnik James Abbott McNeill Whistler 1900. Izvorna verzija izrađena je u veličini: 191,5 cm (75,4 inča) x 89,8 cm (35,4 inča). Ulje na platnu was applied by the artist as the medium of the work of art. Today, the artpiece can be viewed in in the digital collection of Nacionalna galerija umjetnina, which is the museum of the US-American nation that preserves, collects, exhibits, and fosters an understanding of works of art. The work of art, which belongs to the javnosti je uključen uz uslugu Nacionalna galerija umjetnosti, Washington.The creditline of the artpiece is: . Further, the alignment of the digital reproduction is portrait with a ratio of 1: 2, što znači da je dužina 50% kraća od širine.

Strukturirane informacije o umjetničkom djelu

Naziv umjetničkog djela: "Mother of Pearl and Silver: The Andalusian"
Kategorizacija umjetničkog djela: slika
Opšti pojam: moderna umjetnost
Umjetničko stoljeće: 20th stoljeća
Kreirano u: 1900
Starost umjetničkog djela: oko 120 godina
Slikano na: ulje na platnu
Originalne dimenzije: 191,5 cm (75,4 inča) x 89,8 cm (35,4 inča)
Izloženo u: Nacionalna galerija umjetnina
Lokacija muzeja: Washington DC, Sjedinjene Američke Države
Web stranica muzeja: Nacionalna galerija umjetnina
Licenca za umjetničko djelo: javnosti
Ljubaznošću: Nacionalna galerija umjetnosti, Washington


Klasifikacija članaka: reprodukcija likovne umjetnosti
Reprodukcija: reprodukcija u digitalnom formatu
Način proizvodnje: UV direktni ispis
Provenijencija: proizvedeno u Njemačkoj
Vrsta zaliha: na zahtjev
Upotreba proizvoda: dizajn kuće, umjetnička kolekcija (reprodukcije)
Poravnanje slike: poravnanje portreta
Omjer: dužina: širina - 1: 2
Implikacija omjera: dužina je 50% kraća od širine
Dostupni materijali proizvoda: otisak plakata (papir na platnu), otisak na platnu, otisak akrilnog stakla (s pravim staklenim premazom), metalni otisak (aluminijski dibond)
Opcije platna na okviru nosila (otisak platna): 20x40cm - 8x16 ", 30x60cm - 12x24"
Varijante akrilnog stakla (sa pravim staklenim premazom): 20x40cm - 8x16 ", 30x60cm - 12x24"
Ispis postera (papir na platnu): 30x60cm - 12x24 "
Aluminijski otisak (aluminijumski materijal): 20x40cm - 8x16 ", 30x60cm - 12x24"
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Detalji o izvođaču

Umjetnik: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Pol umjetnika: muški
Nacionalnost: američki
Poslovi umjetnika: slikar
država: Sjedinjene Države
Klasifikacija umjetnika: moderni umjetnik

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